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Are you interested in Electronics and RF Technology?

We are a electronics start-up company, our products are high-end test and measurement systems for international telecommunications and microwave markets. To help bringing new development projects to market, we are looking for temps / interns / part-timers who are very interested in electronics and RF technology.

If you are dedicated and have the desire to continuously learn, we will also consider beginners and entry level individuals. Basic understanding of electronic components and their function is however required. Computer knowledge and Excel skills are expected as well.

Are you are an organized, self-motivated individual? Do you always pay attention to detail? Are you honest, and a dependable team player? Do you offer strong work ethics? If the answers are yes, then you will fit well in our company. 

The Job

Tasks and Activities depend strongly on your skill set and expertise. They can include:

  • Building electronic circuits on breadboards.
  • Assembling and soldering printed circuit boards.
  • Conducting measurements and functionality test of electronic modules.
  • Drawing circuit diagrams in CAD programs like Kicad.
  • PCB routing on CAD.
  • Developing small circuits.
  • Sourcing and purchasing of components.
  • And many other tasks and activities that “just have to be done” in a start-up company.

Time & Pay

Time  10 hours per week
Pay depends on skills and expertise

This is a great opportunity to learn, engage and to be an active part of developing future technologies.
Interested? We wait for your application. Apply here.