MRS – Series

AWT’s Radar Signal Generators MRS-Series are ideal for radar receiver testing and in training Radar Operators on object detection, recognition and Electronic Warfare (EW).
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AWT(G) Radar Signal Generators MRS – Series generate a wide variety of Radar Signals. The simulators offer a variety of simulation capabilities; including Radar Warning Receivers (RWR), Missile Warning Receivers (MWR) and other Electronic Warfare (EW) Receivers. AWT’s Radaar Simulator generates CW or Pulsed signals. An intuitve graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to program signal parameters. Geographic Information System (GIS) tools are also available (option).


 MRS – Series Models

Select the model number in the chart below for the datasheet.


Frequency Range

Simultaneous Signals


Output Power




MRS-020180  2 to 18 GHz  16  +10 dBm
MRS-020180-100  2 to 18 GHz  16  100 W  Amplifier and Antenna

More Radar Options

Radar Scan Types

Frequency Characteristics

 Range 2 – 18 GHz
 Accuracy +/- 3 MHz (with DTO)
 Agile Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, Saw
 Hopping Frequency Number 16

Number of RF Signal

 2-18 GHz 16 Pulse Signals

Pulse Characteristics

 Pulse range 1 – 1,000,000 us
 PW Range 0.1 – 225 us
 Stagger 32 Steps
 Jitter Pattern Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, Saw
 Dwell & Switch Programmable up to 32 steps
 FMOP Linear, Non Linear, (FM BW is dependent on PW, 40 MHz Max.)

Scan Characteristics

 Scan Type Conical, Steady, Sector, Lobe-Switching, Circular, Box, Orthogonal, Helical, Spiral, Raster, Bi-Directional
 Scan Rate 50 mS to 10 Sec
 Scan Depth 0 to 40 dB


 Ethernet Interface ports
 USB x 3 interface port
 VGA output (VGA compatible monitor)
 Video Out : Scan Monitor BNC(f), 3.3VDC Max.
 Video Out : Pulse Monitor BNC(f), 5VDC Max.


Operating Temperature 10°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Ingress Protection IP66 (lid closed) IP20 (lid open)
Relative Humidity 5{418c239779b5b29092871169baa76e47c8a20a99253981574c7d16d97fbc0ee9} to 85{418c239779b5b29092871169baa76e47c8a20a99253981574c7d16d97fbc0ee9} (non condensing)
Mechanical Shock Rating 20G


 Power 110 – 240 VAC

Other Features

Embedded PC
Built in test


– RF Cable (1 meter N(m) to N(m))- RF Cable (3 meters N(m) to N(m))- AC Power Cable

– BNC Cable (1 meter)

Amplifier and Antenna Characteristics (MRS-020180-100 Only)

Amplifier 100W 2-8 GHz and 8-18 GHz
Gain: 2-8 GHz 31 dBi
Gain: 8-18 GHz 38 dBi
Feed Fitted with N connector
0.6 m Aluminum reflector with a tripod