Frequency Bands


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The following resources offer information on many frequency band topics including: LTE E-UTRAN, 3GPP, 700 MHz Band Plans, Waveguide Frequency Bands, Radar Frequency Bands, ITU Radio Bands, EU, NATO, US ECM Frequency Designations and more.

LTE E-UTRAN, 3GPP Frequency Bands

Check out our Resources on LTE E-UTRAN and 3GPP Frequency Bands here

700 MHz Band Plans

Check out our Resources on 700 MHz Band Plans here

Waveguide Frequency Bands

An informative table of Waveguide Frequency bands by name and frequency here

Bands By Frequency

Informative table of Frequency bands by name, abbreviation, ITU band, Frequency, wavelength and examples uses – Learn more here

Radar Frequency Bands

Click here for information regarding radar frequency band designation as defined by IEEE standards

ITU Radio Bands

Click here for a detailed table describing ITU Radio Bands by designated band number, abbreviation, frequency range and wavelength range.

EU, NATO, US ECM Frequency Designations

Click here for information regarding Radar frequency Bands as defined by NATO for ECM systems.