Cavity Filters

AWT Global - Cavity Filters

Cavity Filters for Test and Measurement applications in the lab, in the field or with RF and Microwave installations. Custom configurations are available for Defense, Space and Telecommunications.  We design cavity filters, including waveguide filters, for frequency ranges up to 50 GHz.  Military, Space, and Commercial applications. 

Band Pass Filters

All frequencies in MHz. Click type for data sheet.


Pass Band




CAVBPF707H16-N 699 – 715 707 16 N(m)-N(f)
CAVBPF782H12-N 776 – 788 782 12 N(m)-N(f)
CAVBPF835H30-N 820 – 850 835 30 N(m)-N(f)
CAVBPF1730H50-N 1705 – 1755 1730 50 N(m)-N(f)
CAVBPF1880H60-N 1850 – 1910 1880 1880 N(m)-N(f)

The table shows only a small segment of our filter capabilities. Contact us about your needs and requirements, even for lower quantities. We provide highest quality cavity filters in frequency ranges up to 50 GHz .
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