PIM Test Systems


PIM S1L Analyzer for Laboratory and QAS1L PIM Analyzers – for Laboratory and QA

AWT’s PIM S1L Analyzers are ideal for Laboratory and Quality Assurance. Equipped with many features, these instruments provide highest accuracy an reliability. Power range is variable from 15dBm to 44dBm (46 dBm options),  conform to IEC62037 and perfect for Telecommunications antenna, cable and component testing. 

PIM Test Equipment for 400 MHz TETRA and UHF

AWT’s PIM test systems PIM S1L for TETRA and UHF are powerful tools for laboratory and field. These accurate PIM analyzers come with many standard features and are fully conform to PIM standard IEC62037. When public safety officers assign their staff to critical missions, they rely on the performance of their communication networks. PIM testing is vital to ensure networks work reliably. 


Expandable PIM AnalyzerExpandable PIM Analyzers (1-4 Frequency Bands)

Scalable PIM Test system. The controller of our Expandable PIM Analyzer can control multiple RF Units. Ideal for laboratory and production. As the spectrum of manufactured products widens, PIM analysis may have to be performed on additional frequencies. Our Expandable PIM Analyzer suits this is ideal perfectly. Designed for 24/7 operations – reliably & accurately.